Friday, 23 December 2011

Hope that you and your families have a Wonderful Christmas and a 2012 full of blessings.
Unas Felices Pascuas y un nuevo Año lleno de bendiciones son mis deseos para ustedes y familia.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Origami Flower

This is a picture of my first origami flower, I found this fantastic tutorial here, Marta has given very clear instructions ,so easy to follow, I really enjoyed doing this,I can see in the photo that I need to improve my points,practice makes perfect or something near to it, so I am off to make some more, If you haven't try this technique give it a try, it doesn't take long for the lovely flower to take shape.
Esta es la foto de mi primera flor en Origami, me ha encantado la tecnica, un millon de gracias a Marta que en su blog a compartido un Tutorial excellente y muy facil de seguir. En la foto se puede ver que las puntas no me han quedado muy bien asi que seguire practicando,ya pondre mas fotos para que vean si mejoro o no.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

No photos today, just me wanting to see hello, and tell you what I have been up to.
I went shopping , what is new,I love finding new things for sewing and stitching, not good at Mall shopping, but love the old part of town (Bur Dubai and Deira) all the back street with small shops , selling threads, buttons,is my idea of heaven , buying something I never new I need it ( lol), finding the little eating places- they are not big enough to be call restaurants- were the workers eat, another treat lovely fresh juices.
The party season has began here so last night we were invited to dinner on a glass boat cruising the Dubai Creek, it was beautiful , the weather perfect the food excellent, great company, I didn't know most of the people there, they were some of my husband colleagues and their wives, still we had a great time.
It is only one week and our daughter , husband and GD will arrive, can't tell you how exited we are, being Grandparents for us is one of the most wonderful things life has given us.Our son and family are not coming, so we will not have Jack with us , we did have them last year in England and understand that we have to share them with Meghan's family, maybe we will see them at the beginning of next year.
Today is weekend here in the Middle East, and after going out last night we are doing nothing today, DH is preparing breakfast, well brunch really and it is ready so I better go and enjoy his wonderful egg and bacon.
bye for now, please if you visit leave me a little note I love reading them, have a wonderful day in your part of the world.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I have been having a great time, sewing and learning new things.
Made a couple of dresses for our adore GD, thy will be coming to spend Christmas with us, can't wait to see them.
I went to a fantastic couple of workshops with Gloria Loughman, what a fantastic teacher and lovely person she is , you can see her work in here the workshops I took were Layer by Layer and Flying Free, I will put some photos of what we did some other time.
On Thursday I was invite to a Coffee Morning with Pam Holland, her work is really amazing,it was a pleasure to meet her, maybe one day I will be able to take a workshop with her, her sister lives in Dubai so she comes quite often to visit , this time she was on holidays and not teaching so we were very lucky to be able to meet her and see some of her fantastic work, there was some door prices and I was lucky to win some lovely batiks fabrics.
All in all my life in here is pretty interesting, been able to see, meet and learn from all this lovely people is fantastic ,I never had the chance before.
I am going now, to go and have a walk in blog land to see what you all talented ladies have been doing.

Christmas tree SAL finished

I have finished the Christmas Tree mini quilt SAL form Cose que te Cose ; this the first time that I have done paper piecing I really enjoyed it.I added some presents to the bottom of my tree, they where bussy cut from a Chritsmas fabric and fuse.
Tambien termine el SAL de Cose que te cose, esta es la primera vez que hago algo con esta tecnica , me gusto mucho.
Yo a mi arbol le puse unos regalos que corte de una tela de Navidad .

I couldn't put the photos of the back of my garland in the previous post so here they are
No pude poner todas las fotos juntas asi que aqui estan las de la parte de atras de la guirnalda.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

SewHappy Christmas SAL Finished

Here I am again, I have been meaning to write this post for a week now, I really don't know where my time goes (bg)plus the fact that I have a new computer (MAC) and I am finding working things out on it a bit difficult, I am not computer savi (BG)
I have finished a few things one of them is the Christmas Garland form the SewHappy Christmas SAl.
I took it to the show and tell at our Guild on Sunday and every body love it (don't forget I am in the Middle East so Sunday is a working day)
Here Are some pictures for all of you to see, I finished my back with a Christmas fabric, so it looks pretty on both sizes, and put some little bows in place of the buttons .
Aqui esta mi Guirnalda de Navidad terminada, fue el SAL de SewHappy como pueden ver en las fotos ,en la parte de atras puse una tela de Navidad asi se ve bonita por los dos lados y cambie los botones por una cinta dorada.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I have not done a lot in the last few days, we have had the Eid holiday in here so my DH was home for 5 days what a treat, we had a lovely time , some friends visit and the rest of the time we did very little just enjoy each other company.
The only thing I have been doing is the stitching for the Jura Point de Croix Blog Christmas Challenge, I can't show you any thing yet all I can say is that the designs are beautiful. and will be available to every one at the end of December. I don't know if you have visit this blog , it really is an inspirational one, with lots of ideas and great free patterns.Go and have a look and you will see what I mean.
Yesterday after DH went back to work I went to the shops for some thread(just one colour)I came home with lots of fabrics and other bits, what fun I had.
I also found a lovely SAL in Cose que te Cose blog, I love this mini quilt of a Christmas tree,I was late for the inscription, but Natitux was very kind and send the patterns so I can take part.know I must go have a swim and after some sewing, have a great day wherever you are.
Hemos estado de Vacaciones Eid bueno mi Esposo ha estado de vacaciones por 5 dias,asi que no he hecho mucho, cuando el esta en casa casi no entro a mi cuarto de las costuras, hago cosas a mano en las tardes cuando nos sentamos a ver una pelicula o algo en la television, he estado bordando alguno de delos diseños de el desafio de Jura Point de Croix para esta Navidad, no les puedo mostrar nada por el momento es un secreto hasta Diciembre, cuando se pondran las fotos de todas las participantes en el blog, si les puedo decir que los diseños son muy lindos y que estaran disponibles para todas a fines de año , no se si han visitado este blog, tiene cosas hermosas y muchos patrones gratis para bajar realmente vale la pena visitarlo.
Ayer cuando my esposo regreso a trabajar yo me fui de compras , solo un hilito.... varias horas despues y un monton de telas y otras cositas, regrese a casa cansada pero feliz
lo otro que empezare a hacer hoy es una de Mini quilt de Navidad es un SAL que ha organizado Natitxu, me ha encantado y aunque cuando lo vi ya era tarde para apuntarme cuando se lo solicite, Natitxu fue un amor y me ha enviado los patrones para hacerlo, bueno la primera parte, estoy feliz asi que me voy a escoger las telitas para este y ya les mostrate mi progreso
Que tengan un lindo dia donde quiera que esten

Monday, 31 October 2011

Finally Finalmente

The other day when fabric shopping I saw the panels for making this fabric books, I remember how much the girls like theirs in fact Hannah now reads hers to her sister, so I bought some for Jack I love them they are so soft.
El otro dia cuando fui de compras encontre estos libros de genero, son super faciles de hacer, ya los habia hecho para las niñitas , a ellas les encantaron Hannah ahora se los lee a su hermanita, asi que los compre e hize para Jack, ojala que el tambien los disfrute tanto como sus primitas.
Bueno finalmente pude poner todo lo que queria, el problema es que me pilla la tecnologia (lol)

And This Y esto

Sorry I couldn't put any more pictures on that post, I am not that good with computers so here I am a new posting.
I have had the stitching for this lovely Rosalie Quinlan design done for ages, finally I have out it together, is lovely, i want to share with you the pictures and tell you that it is very important to keep to the exact measurements, I did cut my main body an inch or so smaller didn't think that the circle for the bottom also need it to be smaller, result extra work and really sore fingers, never mind I think it was worth it!

This is what I have been doing Esto es lo que he estado haciendo

Yesterday morning I went to a fabric Dyeing workshop, what fun!!! I choose to dye my fabric in purples shades , with a mixed of just two colours Royal Blue & Magenta I came home with 18 beautiful pieces of dye fabrics 9 first dye and 9 second dye I love them,it didn't end there we also did another 3 pieces, look at them in the pictures, I am hook, this is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, now that I know how to do it I will be playing mixing colours and seen what I come up with.
Ayer en la mañana fui a una clase donde aprendimos a teñir telas, esto era algo que hace mucho tiempo queria aprender a hacer, es muy facil y entretenido, con la mezcla de solo dos colores en distintas cantidades he terminado con 18 colors de telas; me encantan ustedes que piensan.Tambien teñimos otras tres telas en las fotos pueden ver los resultados.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Friendship (Amistad)

How wonderful it is to have friends, I must tell you about this friendship , we met in the internet,I visited her blog ask for something, that was the start me in Africa , Odette in Chile, this was 2 years ago, we have since met I spend a few days with Odette and her family in Iquique, we had a great time.
Since then she has move and we have not chat like before, well we are back to our chats , this time she is in the south of Chile and me in Dubai, the difference in time is great (7 hrs), it was so nice to talk like before visiting blogs together and showing each other what we are working on.I am half sleep it really is late here, but i could not go to bed without sharing this with you, the blog world is a wonderful place were to make friends and be inspired by talented ladies.
Esta es una history muy linda de como el mundo de los blog, puede contribuir a que nuestro mundo sea mejor.
Conoci a Oddette hace un poco más de dos años, en el internet, ella en Chile yo en Africa,pero la distancia no existia cuando chateabamos, en uno de mis viajes a Chile nos conocimos , o mejor dijo nos vimos cara a cara pase unos dias muy lindos en su casa.
Luego por circunstacias de la vida, nos comunicamos muy poco, pero ya nos encontramos nuevamente, ella en el sur de Chile yo en Dubai, y nuevamente la distacia no existe cuando chateamos por Skype. Estoy segura que muchas de vosotras teneis historias parecidas a esta, que hermoso es tener amigas¡¡
Buenas noches, es super tarde aqui mañana no me despierta nadie (lol)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

SewHappy SAL

I can't believe it it is nearly a month since I last wrote on the blog.
I will tell you what I have been up to in the last month, once a week I have been taking a Quilting Class , this is my first ever, I have learn quite a lot,will show you the results from it in the near future, I have also got along with the SewHappy Christmas SAl,I am up to day with it , waiting for tomorrow to see what the next part is.
this is all for now I am off to find something to Stitch while sitting next to my DH

Veamos si esto me resulta, creo que por fin podré escribir en un Español, un poquito mejor que antes....
Hace casi un mes que no escribia,he estado ocupada tomando una clase de Quilting en la que he aprendido bastante, es la primera vez en mi vida que tomo una clase(nunca antes habia tenido la posibilidad de hacerlo) cuando terminemos el projecto en el que estamos trabajando pondré fotos.
tambien he estado bordado los diseños que nos entrega cada viernes SewHappyMe en su blog, me encanta como esta quedando. En la foto podeis ver los resultados, ya vamos en el 4 diseño, la mitad de la guirnalda.
Esto es todo por ahora,nos vemos otro dia.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

GJ top finished and ready to go!!

This is the picture of my GJ top , it is finished now I have to choose the fabric for the back, and them I am going to have a go at quilting it, I don't know much about it, but I will give it a go,not matter what the end result is I promise a picture (VG)

I have join the Sewhappy Christmas SAL, the first blog was posted on friday , and I am ready to start stitching, I have choosen DMC 115 for it.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Finally I have finished all the blogs for my Gardeners journal Quilt, I plan to finish the top today, Here are somo photos, ( lets hope that I remember how to put photos..BG it is been such along time since I last did it.)

Love the Girls!!

Yesterday really was a day for finishing things, I have been knitting a small shawl a lovely design from Evelyn Clark call "Swallowtail Lace Shawl" I have used a hand dye silk and wool yarn , you can find the pattern for free in ravelry
here is a picture, I have to block it , I have never done that before so wish me luck.

Hope that you all have a great day I am off with a friend fabric shopping, in here there is something new every week and you have to buy it when you see it,so I will let you know how it went later on.

Christmas Red work SAL

I love Redwork, so when I found this lovely SAL in here I knew that i have to do it and share with you my find so here it is go and have a look and who knows you may decide to do it to

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Give away in Georgina's blog

Georgina's blog is celebrating a 5 birthday and to do it in style she has this fantastic giveaway, go and have a look ,and if any chance you have not seen her blog before you are in for a lovely surprise, her blog is FANTASTIC!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Where does the time goes? I don't know... here I am once more, Summer is over and we are back in Dubai, had a great time in Turkey our lovely DIL and Grandson came to visit with her parents, it was very nice to have them all , but I really miss our girls, thay didn't come, for the first time they were not there this Summer is was odd and at times a little sad, never mind God willing they will be here with us for Christmas can't wait to see them.
Not much sewing got done, a little knitting,that is all, having said that I am really pleased with myself finally I have done all the stitching for my Gardeners Journal Quilt so I have now started to put it all together, the first block is done will share some photos later on.
I went home for a week in August , to see the girls and much to my delight it was the week when the Festival of Quilts was on so I went there only for the day ( friday) met a friend from Dubai and had a great time, shopping and admiring the beautiful quilts. got quite a few new books so I have a head full of ideas for new projects, less hope that some of them get done, hopping that I will not have to go anywhere at least until the new year, if that happens I am sure I will be able to do some more quilting and stitching.
I really miss my blog world, to spend time looking at other blogs and seen all the wonderful things that other people do is inspirinig, so I said bye for now, praying that once more I can go into my routine, so I can visit all the lovely blogs like I just to.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Back ( hope is for good)

I can't believe that I actually have the time to look and write on my blog, it feels so gooood!
I have been so busy,getting yet another house on the go is hard almost there, the best part about it is that I now have a big sewing room, not fully organize yet it should be in the next couple of weeks, when ready I will post pictures.
To be honest I never though I would say this but here it is Dubai is an amazing place, so much to see and do, some lovely fabric shops that have already been visit and given quite a helpful hand to increase my fabric stash (lol). I am so happy to say that now I belong to a Quilting Bee YES for the first time in my quilting life,I will be able to share my quilting passion with this lovely ladies,very talented all of them. We meet every Sunday at each others houses at least this is what will happen for the Summer time.
Next time we meet I will take pictures and share them with you all.
Right now I am in England for a few days will be back to Dubai next week, I have lots to catch up with,and I am dying to have a go in my new sewing machine I have had it since last October and I am yet to do some sewing in it.
I hope that from now on I will have the time to write and share with you whatever is happening in my life, and would also be able to be inspire by all the beautiful thing to be seen in your blogs , I have really miss you all.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Here i am again, I have been so busy, getting things for the house, we are still at the Hotel.Hoping to move this weekend.
I never though I will say this .."Dubai is amazing" so much to see and do.Last Saturday we went to the Dubai Fountain, what a beautiful espectacle the dancing water is.
I can't remember if I told you all that I went to a knitting group,I had a great time, lots of ladies knitting all kind of things, and there was Jocelyn that sells the most beautiful hand dyed wools, her bussines is called "Dubai Knits" I couldn't resist and bought some, I am now knitting a shawl is one of Evelyn Clark designs ( Swallowtail Lace Shawl)you can find the pattern for free in Ravelry.I am also knitting a little jacket for Jack ( in pure alpaca wool) is what I do when Tim is here so I can talk to him this one does not required so much concentration.
And now the best part of it. Yesterday a friend took me to Satwa and Mina Bazaar the two places were the fabrics are sold, what a treat I was in heaven so many beautiful fabrics,I only bought a few,I am making some summer dresses for the girls, I found some very nice Yuwa fabrics,and we only visit a few shops,so you now were I will be most days when I am still here at the Hotel (lol)
I bought a charger so I will add some photos later on.
Must go I have some one coming to take me to buy some lectrical goods that we need.
Hugs to you all.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Having a great time

What a great time I am having, talk about shop till you drop..(LOL) not really just going around the malls, there is quite a few here and they are huge.
Went to see our new house, it is lovely my DH did very well,I have a really big room that will be my sewing room,and a very nice kitchen can't wait to get there, I don't think it will be until the middle of the month, have to get some furniture first, at least a bed...
Done no sewing at all, I have been told about a Knitting and Crochet group that meets every Friday in one of the malls, planing to go this Friday, so Tim can go and play Golf without feeling guilty, Friday and Saturday are the weekend in here, something I will have to get use to, I don't know what day of the week is right now.The course Tim is playing is too difficult for me so I have decided that until my golf is better I will stay clear of it.
I can't believe I have not got the charger for the camera's so no pictures until I sort that one out, I promise lots once that is done, planning to take a photography course so maybe there will be some improvement on my photographic skills (VG).
Must go and have some breakfast.
Hugs to you all wherever you are in the world

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Where does time go...?

I don't know, any answers are welcome (LOL).
Here we are is almost April and finally my husband and I are together again, I spend a lovely time in Chile with my family and friends, while Tim was working in Dubai. He finally got his Visa, and we met at home last week, had a mad busy few days and left for Dubai on Thursday evening, so here I am at the begining of a new adventure.
I haven't done much of any thing,the only thing I have been working on is the embroidery part of my Gardeners Journal blocks.
We had a small allowance for unaccompany lugagge and guess what I sent of course my sewing machine and a few projets together with my knitting stuff. it should be here by the end of this week.I am sure I will find some time to do something, I have to choose furniture and things for the house here, so I will be quite busy.
Now that life will be "normal " again I will once again enjoy myself visiting your blog to be inspire by all your wonderful work.
if you do visit me, please leave a little note it is wonderful to find then.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Val Free Pattern Launch

I thought if you haven't see this free pattern that Val is given away in monthly instalments, you should go and have a look, It is called "Consider the Lilies" and it promise to be "beautiful" all of Val patterns and work is.

Aqui les pongo un link para que vayan a ver este hermoso nuevo patron que Val esta ofreciendo gratis en su blog,se llama "Consider the Lilies" es un SAL que durara 12 meses, el primer block esta disponible y lo encuentro precioso,si no han visto el blog the Val antes, tomense un tiempecito y vean cuan hermosos son todos sus patrones y sus trabajos.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

I am back

It has been a long time since I last look never mind wrote any thing on my blog.
I have been so busy, getting every thing ready for Christmas and our son and his family visit.
We had a great Christmas with both our children and their families, it was so nice, it is three years since we were all together for Christmas, and this time there was one more little person Jack , he is such a lovely baby, I was so sad to see him go.
We were planning to move to Holland from the beginning of the year,Tim was only there one day when they told him that they need him in Dubai, so he is already there and I will be following soon.
life certainly is full of surprises.
I have done very little on the way of crafts, some knitting for baby Jack that is all i will share some pictures another day.
I do hope that you all had a great Christmas with your love ones and that 2011 is a fantastic year, when you will all continue to make beautiful things with your hands.
i am off to visit some of my favorite blog now.

Gum Tree Designers Giveaway

This giveaway from the Gum Tree designers is great I love the patterns for a chance to win visit their blog and follow the instructions.

Gum tree designers

This is the new logo for Gum Tree Designers I love it!! Go and have a look at this great blog and take part on their giveaway