Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Where does the time goes? I don't know... here I am once more, Summer is over and we are back in Dubai, had a great time in Turkey our lovely DIL and Grandson came to visit with her parents, it was very nice to have them all , but I really miss our girls, thay didn't come, for the first time they were not there this Summer is was odd and at times a little sad, never mind God willing they will be here with us for Christmas can't wait to see them.
Not much sewing got done, a little knitting,that is all, having said that I am really pleased with myself finally I have done all the stitching for my Gardeners Journal Quilt so I have now started to put it all together, the first block is done will share some photos later on.
I went home for a week in August , to see the girls and much to my delight it was the week when the Festival of Quilts was on so I went there only for the day ( friday) met a friend from Dubai and had a great time, shopping and admiring the beautiful quilts. got quite a few new books so I have a head full of ideas for new projects, less hope that some of them get done, hopping that I will not have to go anywhere at least until the new year, if that happens I am sure I will be able to do some more quilting and stitching.
I really miss my blog world, to spend time looking at other blogs and seen all the wonderful things that other people do is inspirinig, so I said bye for now, praying that once more I can go into my routine, so I can visit all the lovely blogs like I just to.

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