Saturday, 26 November 2011

I have been having a great time, sewing and learning new things.
Made a couple of dresses for our adore GD, thy will be coming to spend Christmas with us, can't wait to see them.
I went to a fantastic couple of workshops with Gloria Loughman, what a fantastic teacher and lovely person she is , you can see her work in here the workshops I took were Layer by Layer and Flying Free, I will put some photos of what we did some other time.
On Thursday I was invite to a Coffee Morning with Pam Holland, her work is really amazing,it was a pleasure to meet her, maybe one day I will be able to take a workshop with her, her sister lives in Dubai so she comes quite often to visit , this time she was on holidays and not teaching so we were very lucky to be able to meet her and see some of her fantastic work, there was some door prices and I was lucky to win some lovely batiks fabrics.
All in all my life in here is pretty interesting, been able to see, meet and learn from all this lovely people is fantastic ,I never had the chance before.
I am going now, to go and have a walk in blog land to see what you all talented ladies have been doing.


Odette said...

Hola amiga, que bueno que estas aprovechando bien el tiempo aprendiendo y compartiendo con personas tan interesantes.

Misborda2 said...

Hola Laura: encantada de saludarte, espero que puedas entender mi comentario en castellano, pero como así comentaste en mi blog, voy a provar suerte !!!!
Paso a agradecer tu amable comentario y tu visita a mis casita, que siempre son una gran alegría,y aprovecho para desearte una estupenda semana.
Un abrazo, Laura.