Friday, 25 September 2009

Here I am again,have not had time to post busy doing some house work I must get the house ready for closing until next summer.
The weather is a little cooler and the sea is nice , no swimming for me for 2 days Dr's orders, I have a few stitches on my earlobe.
I am so angry at myself, I just thought that posting from here will be like posting from home maybe a couple more days that would be all "How wrong was I" 3 weeks my friend tells me longer if register post!!!! that will teach me not to assumed things in future ( if I can remember lol)I am so glad that my Hug swap Terry has been so understanding about this, I will not be home until the 10 of October, so I will not see my "swap" until them, I am looking forward to it.
Must go have some friends coming for dinner tonight so I have to go into the kitchen my favorite place after the sewing room.
Hope that you are all having a great day.

Monday, 21 September 2009

I have been busy doing nothing (lol) is a holiday in here today.
The weather is not bad, definitely not for swimming the sea looks grey and furious.
I have been having a horrid time with a site that pop's up every time I try to do anything in my computer is very frustrating.
I have finally work out that I can "visit" the girls that have become my followers.
I am not computer savi, just trial and error with I will be doing that today looking on their blogs.and leaving comments of course.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Have you seen the fantastic new blog "Among The Gum Tree" nine great Australians designers together !!!! the designs not doubt will be fantastic, do go and have a look. there are some great give aways from this talented ladies
Paula at Sew much time is teasing us with her new BOM and promise it is only a few sleeps away. Couldn't resist it so why don't you go and have a look to.

This is the inside of the bag .

Today I though I will show you a bag I did is one of RedBrolly designs the book isMillie's Flower Patch this is a lovely book, with quite a few designs all of them are very nice.

It was such fun to do, I did paint some of the faces and have stitchand painted one of the little bird in blue ( blue bird of happiness) I did mine reversible with 4 pockets on the inside with stitched butterflies on them.

I doubt that any body has miss me, I was away for a few days , my very good friend Fusun and I went to see one of her friends, we had a lovely time , talking eating and having fun in general, the last day there we went to a restaurant that it was nothing like I have ever seen before, it was in the open a hill with amazing views of the sea and very eclectic furniture, is a place to go and watch the sun set, the food is average, the atmosphere is really nice. I did not have my camera what a shame.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Crochet granny Square

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I did find this fantastic site for crochet square patterns.
Encontre este sitio donde hay un monton de patrones para hacer estos cuadrados a crochet

We have had rain the last two days, I love the smells after a rainy day.the sea is beautiful, very temping, still have this rotten cold, maybe is not such a good idea.

Went to Town yesterday, took my little machine to be fix, it will be ready on Monday, did some shopping for" essentials"(read finds , toys for hobbies) the find of the day was some old small reels of pure silk sewing thread, lovely colours.Bought some wool, a few fabrics and some more silk ribbons, I can't resist them the colours are so beautiful!!.

I have spend a quiet couple of hrs doing some crochet, with the wool I bought yesterday, I have forgotten how relaxing it is to do it.I think I will do a blanket with the square when I have enough of them done.

Ha llovido los dos ultimos dias,we encanta el olor de la tierra,despues de la lluvia, el mar esta hermoso es una tentacion, ya veremos , aun estoy resfriada asi que creo que sera mejor que me olvide de el.

Ayer fui a la ciudad, algo que hacer hacia dias que no salia a ningun lado. ademas que tenia que llevar mi maquinita de coser para que me la arreglaran, estara lista el Lunes. luego a pajarear y ver que encuentro que es "esencial"(LOL) bueno encontre unos hilos de seda antiguos, preciosos los colores son muy lindos, tambien compre lana y he pasado un par de horas muy entretenida haciendo un cuadrado a crochet, me habia olvidado de lo relajador que es hacer esto,la lana tiene todos los colores de el arco iris, estoy pensando en hacer una colcha con varios de ellos, ya veremos cuanto me dura la inspiracion (VG)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

This is what I have been doing today, I have join a SAL "Flowers from My Garden", this are the practise pieces,something new for me I never practise any thing. head first and then.... that is another story.

Esto es lo que he hecho hoy, son los ejercicios previos para este SAL. se los enviare a Isi para que me de su opinion, si ella supiera que esta es la primera vez que recuerdo haber practicado algo, soy de las que hacen cosas sin practicar y luego pago por mis errores, quien sabe a lo mejor ella consigue cambiarme (VG)
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Griselda from "Mis Recuerdos" is celebrating her 10000 visitor with a lovely gift, you have until the end of the month, to visit her and join the fun!
Griselda esta celebrando sus 10.000 visitas, con un sorteo, hay fecha hasta el 30 de Septiembre para visitar su blog y participar.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What a day, is started not so well, broke the bobbin winder on my little sewing machine, so no machine sewing for me,is so frustrating, in here I have very few of my sewing's things,town is over an hr away, not that you find anything to do with quilting there, so you really have to use your imagination (what???).
Any way decided to play with some lovely linen band I bought the other day and this is what I came up with, a scissor holder and a little needle keeper.
The last couple of days have been colder, the sea is not so nice , no swimming, one can tell that summer is over,is pretty lonely here,still so nice a quiet,one more month of this for me,really enjoying it specially after the busy time with the girls!.

Hoy mi dia no comenzo ni continuo, como yo lo habia planeado, pensaba coser una bolsa , pero rompi mi maquinita, asi que no costura a maquina para verda es que aqui tengo muy poca de mis cosas para coser,asi que tengo que inventar he utilizar lo poco y nada que ciudda me queda a un poquito mas de una hr y a "Quilt Shop" es algo que no saben que existe (lol).
Bueno podria ser peor, tengo el mar a dos pasos, es un lugar hermoso y tranquilo super relajador y yo aun tengo un mes mas de esto.
Asi que me decide a jugar con una cinta??? de lino que compre el otro dia y esto es lo que hize , un sobrecito para las tijeras y un librito para las agujas.
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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Here i am still "Down Memory Lane" after my Dutch Blocks, this was my next adventure and very first piece block,after reading about a Round Robin, for beginners I decided to join and this was the block I send , 5 girls in the States added , 5 beautiful borders and send it back to me, a beautiful quilt,well if the truth is told only a top , one day I will get it quilt!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Claudia is the one celebrating 12000 visitors to her blog, not Dorothy, sorry about that , now I think that I got it right (VG).
Claudia esta celebrando sus 12000 visitantes, con un hermoso regalo, aun tienes tiempo de inscribirte.
Dorothy is organizing a BOM, and celebrating with a fantastic give away.
Do go and have a look at her blog!
Dorothy nos presenta un nuevo BOM , y tambien esta celebrando ,dando la posiblidad de ganar un hermoso regalo.

This is what I have been doing today,is a kit from "Sheperds Bush" (Quaker Heart), it was lovely to stitch, I love the feel of silk thread.
Terminado!! esto es lo que he hecho hoy es un kit the "Sheperds Bush" . Se llama "Quaker Heart" ahora a pensar que hago con esto!!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

I have to show this , is on my neighbours garden is so beautiful!!
Esta buganbilia esta en el gardin de uno de nuestros vecinos esta hermosa!!!
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I have just taking this picture of the sea, from my bedroom balcony, is like a milk pond, so I am off for a swim, it was beautiful yesterday too, I was at the Doctor I have a nasty throat infection, that is made me feel rotten. antibiotics for a week.
I asked and I am allow to swim.Not much sewing is been done just a stitch or two.

Acabo de tomar esta foto desde la terraza de mi dormitorio, el mar esta hermoso .Ire a nadar antes de desayuno
hace dias que no he nadado, porque no me he sentido bien, asi que ayer finalmente me decidi y fui al medico, tengo una infecion a la laringe, antibioticos por una semana, menos mal que dijo que si puedo andar.
He cosido muy poquito, pero hoy ya empezare de nuevo.
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Down Memory Lane

This is my first applique, quilting adventure, While living in Holland, I join the AWG and did this blocks, they were such fun to do,I remember been so afraid of the "rotary cutter" and so grateful that some one else cut the background fabric for me.

One of this day it will become a wall hanging,It is only 5 years since I did it (lol).Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

This is the inside of my glass hug!
esto es lo que puse en la parte de adentro!
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Aqui esta mi "Hug Swap" Mug terminado, el mio sera para un vaso
no lei todas las instruciones, por eso me salio mas pequeno,lo usare para poner lapices.
Ahora a hacer el de mi swap partner,ese si Dios quiere saldra de el tamano correcto !!
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Mug Hug, finished, mine will be for a glass,to keep pens, in my sewing room.
Typical me, didn't read all the instructions properly so this mug hug is a litle smaller
Now that I learned by my mistake, the one for my swap partner should be the right
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