Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Helen's Giveaway

We have woken up to a couple of inches of snow, the Valley looks so pretty.
I am just posting to tell you to go and have a look at Helen's blog, she is got some fantastic giveaway.
Good luck!!!
Les cuento que despertamos en un paisaje de ensueno , todo blanco, como 5 cm de nieve.
contarles esto no es la razon de este post , la verdadera razon es decirles que vayan a visitar el blog de Helen, donde ella tiene un fantastico giveaway.
Buena suerte!!!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Baby is cold outside!!!

Long time since I wrote, I don't know where the time goes.I have been so busy with the house, we have done a lot of renovations, so is more like a building site, getting to the end of it ( Thank God). now is painting, carpets and curtains, lots of work for me, is not that easy to choose so many thing at once.The incentive to have done is that our Son his Wife and our new grandson will be here on the 14 can't wait to see them.
The only thing I have done is some knitting and some shopping,and what a shoppping spread it was..
I am the proud owner of a new sewing machine, it arrives tomorrow, I bought on Thursday at the Harrogate show, ( bernina 720) will put some pictures once I get it.
I had a great time at the show with my dear friend Glennys, bought some wool, a few fabrics some linen for embroidery and embroidery scissors to add to my collection.
The weather is freezing, ideal for staying in and playing with my new toy, not that I have that much time, there is always something that the people working in here needs to ask me.
Hace bastante tiempo que no escribia,he estado super ocupada con la casa hemos hecho varios cambios ya estamos llegando al final, asi que ahora estan pintando, y he tenido que salir a comprar cortinas, muebles,alfombras, cualquier cantidad de trabajo no es facil cuando hay tantas cosas que elegir, el intensivo es que quiero tener lo mas posible terminado antes de el 14 cuando nuestro hijo su sra y nuestro nieto llegan desde Canada.
Lo unico que he tenido tiempo de hacer es tejer, es lo mas facil cuando hay tanto alboroto alrededor mio.
El jueves fui a Harrogate con mi querida amiga Glennys, lo pasamos super bien , compre lana, algunos generos, lino para bordado y una maquina de coser, (bernina720) llega manana,ya les mostrare fotos, yo la encuentro fabulosa estoy feliz!!!!
Les cuento que aqui hace un frio fenomenal en este momento la temperatura afuera es -1, el tiempo ideal para estar en casa y jugar (lol)el unico problema es que me interrumpen a cada rato ,asi que estoy tejiendo, un jumper para Jack es lo que estoy haciendo.aqui les pongo algunas fotos para que vean lo que he tejido en este ultimo mes.

This is a free pattern from Ravelry (Saroyan) I am knitting it with araucaria, 75 merino wool, 25 syntetic, is lovely, the only problem is that I don't know what I have done wrong,in the straight part, I am decreasing so is on stand by for now.
Esta bufanda/chal es un patron de Ralvery,lo estoy tejiendo en Araucania.ningun problema hasta cuando empeze a tejer la parte derecha donde uno le da el largo, y no me di cuenta que estaba disminuyendo ..??? asi que por ahora esta de lado,hasta cuando tenga mas tiempo para ver que estoy haciendo mal.

This were I have gone wrong... Quite a lot to unpick
aqui pueden ver donde esta el error (bg)
This is a shawl I started when I was in Santa Rosa last month, is a lovely pattern Damson by Isolda, great instruccions.I have done it in Malabrigo 100% merino wool.
Esto es un chal que empeze cuando estaba en Santa Rosa, mas que nada para tener algo que hace es un patron de Isolda con excelente instruccions.
Here it is finished. I wasn't sure if I was going to wear it, I will is lovely and warm.Aqui pueden ver el resultado final, me encanta es muy abrigador.
Well I think I better go and prepair some food, so bye for now.
Bueno chicas esto es todo por ahora, me voy a preparar algo para comer.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I think is about time I show you our grandchildren, Hannah is 6 1/2 Olivia is nearly 3 they are Rebecca and Justin's little girls (our daughter)and Jack who is 2 months old and is Tim and Meghan's first child (our son)
Habia prometido fotos de nuestros nietos y aqui estan.

It is bed time here so bye for now

Jack's romper Suit

I just realized that I only did the posting in Spanish, I was so excited that I had found how to use the keyboard in another language (lol)
Any way in a nut shell, finally home for sometime,I hope, it means that I can get on with my projects, the only thing I have done so far is some knitting, I find that easy when I am on the move.I have finished a romper suit for Jack it is quite and achievement, or at least that is what I think ( LOL), the pattern, was so bad ,or the lack of it, most of it wrong and nothing for the sleeves,good job that they had a picture of the finished romper, so by looking at it I made it up, really like the end product.here is a picture, not a very good one, something else I have to work on (better pictures)

Jack's Romper Suit Front

Jack's Romper Suit Back