Friday, 23 December 2011

Hope that you and your families have a Wonderful Christmas and a 2012 full of blessings.
Unas Felices Pascuas y un nuevo Año lleno de bendiciones son mis deseos para ustedes y familia.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Origami Flower

This is a picture of my first origami flower, I found this fantastic tutorial here, Marta has given very clear instructions ,so easy to follow, I really enjoyed doing this,I can see in the photo that I need to improve my points,practice makes perfect or something near to it, so I am off to make some more, If you haven't try this technique give it a try, it doesn't take long for the lovely flower to take shape.
Esta es la foto de mi primera flor en Origami, me ha encantado la tecnica, un millon de gracias a Marta que en su blog a compartido un Tutorial excellente y muy facil de seguir. En la foto se puede ver que las puntas no me han quedado muy bien asi que seguire practicando,ya pondre mas fotos para que vean si mejoro o no.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

No photos today, just me wanting to see hello, and tell you what I have been up to.
I went shopping , what is new,I love finding new things for sewing and stitching, not good at Mall shopping, but love the old part of town (Bur Dubai and Deira) all the back street with small shops , selling threads, buttons,is my idea of heaven , buying something I never new I need it ( lol), finding the little eating places- they are not big enough to be call restaurants- were the workers eat, another treat lovely fresh juices.
The party season has began here so last night we were invited to dinner on a glass boat cruising the Dubai Creek, it was beautiful , the weather perfect the food excellent, great company, I didn't know most of the people there, they were some of my husband colleagues and their wives, still we had a great time.
It is only one week and our daughter , husband and GD will arrive, can't tell you how exited we are, being Grandparents for us is one of the most wonderful things life has given us.Our son and family are not coming, so we will not have Jack with us , we did have them last year in England and understand that we have to share them with Meghan's family, maybe we will see them at the beginning of next year.
Today is weekend here in the Middle East, and after going out last night we are doing nothing today, DH is preparing breakfast, well brunch really and it is ready so I better go and enjoy his wonderful egg and bacon.
bye for now, please if you visit leave me a little note I love reading them, have a wonderful day in your part of the world.