Saturday, 12 June 2010

This is some of the things I have been up to.

Here is a picture of the Hardanger SAL .
I have not been able to finish the last instalment on this, the reason been I have run out thread and the one I have is a diferent white, so i will have to wait until I get home, to see if I can find the same color.... wish me luck, if not plan b , I don't know what that one is yet lol
I was only a few stitches away from the end,when my thread finished, you can see it its on the right h/s :)
I found this lovely little quilt in Lori's Blog , loved it so I decided to make it unfortunately time was not on my side,to be honest i think deep down i knew that i was not going to be able to finish it before leaving here any way this is what i have done up to know,I like it and will finish it some time soon

And last but not least , my progress on the SAL that Chookyblue has organized we are stitching "A Gardener's Journal" by Anni Downs it is lovely.
As you can see I have printed all the designs for the stitchery and I have finished one 1/2 way with another and plenty to go, this is a great thing to have right now, all i need is needle and thread, the blogs will be put together later on.

Scissor Exchange

This is what I made for my partner on this exchange. I do hope that she likes it.
I used some Quaker motives and then left my imagination run wild :)

This is the back, I did send her a neddle lace flower with ribbon to tie to her scissors, I love this flowers I bought a few of them some time ago in Turkey, the beads around the keeper are also needle lace from Turkey

Friday, 11 June 2010

I Wonnn!!!!

I have only just found out that I am one of the lucky winners at Dawn's give away.
It came when I really need it some TLC, I have had a very stressful day, moving is STRESFUL!!! to say the least ,I am glad to report that all the packing is done, the container is on his way and we hope that we will see it some time from now in England:)
Must go promise to find some time this week-end for the promise pictures.
Hope that wherever you are you are all having a great day

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A thousand Visitors!!!!!!

I have just seen it, and I can't believe it!!! Just in time i am going home,so I will do a giveaway like I wanted,from here it would have been imposible the same from Turkey, the post from both places is a problem, more about it tomorrow

I have been busy... not doing what I am suppose to do LOL

I am going mad , or maybe I am mad, what was I think , left every thing for the last minute, the packers are coming tomorrow, that is fine the problem is: we are supposse to do a detail list of every thing we are sending back is a real pain :)with prices....
I will put some pictures tomorrow, of what I have been doing, I finished a Quilt with Nigerian fabrics,done some embroidery for the SAL A Gardeners Journal and started a mini qulit 6 blogs so far, this is a project from Lori's blog I love the pattern, so like a child I have been playing rather than working lol.
Only one week and we will be in our way home,I am ready now, I will be sad .I have had some lovely times in here, met some nice people, but ... every thing comes to and end, and this is it for us.
Don't know for certain were the next project will be,for me it means that I will probably stay longer in Turkey and once the summer is over it will be home to England,Tim will spend a few months more in here.
It is late just notice the time, so of to bed I go, tomorrow I will share the pictures
Good night

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Grupo Ande yo Caliente !!!!!!!

I must tell you about this new grupo Helen and I have started it is all to do with knitting,Helen is found most of the patterns, and I give a helping hand with the translation not that she needs a lot of it to be honest.
Helen has already done some knitting I haven't once I am back at home (England) I will do some, promise to add pictures of any work that we do.
No sean mal pensadas (jejeje) es un grupo de tejido para andar calentita en Invierno lo hemos formado con Helen , la verdad es que yo aun no he tejido nada,Helen si lo ha hecho y ella es la que ha encontrado los patrones de lo que pensamos hacer,si estos son en Ingles yo ayudo un poquito con la traduccion , no que se hayan usado mucho mis servicios (vg) estoy segura que si alguna de ustedes quiere tejer con nosotras Helen tambien aceptara encantada vuestra compania.