Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Having a great time

What a great time I am having, talk about shop till you drop..(LOL) not really just going around the malls, there is quite a few here and they are huge.
Went to see our new house, it is lovely my DH did very well,I have a really big room that will be my sewing room,and a very nice kitchen can't wait to get there, I don't think it will be until the middle of the month, have to get some furniture first, at least a bed...
Done no sewing at all, I have been told about a Knitting and Crochet group that meets every Friday in one of the malls, planing to go this Friday, so Tim can go and play Golf without feeling guilty, Friday and Saturday are the weekend in here, something I will have to get use to, I don't know what day of the week is right now.The course Tim is playing is too difficult for me so I have decided that until my golf is better I will stay clear of it.
I can't believe I have not got the charger for the camera's so no pictures until I sort that one out, I promise lots once that is done, planning to take a photography course so maybe there will be some improvement on my photographic skills (VG).
Must go and have some breakfast.
Hugs to you all wherever you are in the world


belen said...

How exciting to start a new adventure! meeting lots of new people and a different culture as well!! It is great!! Enjoy it!

Dawn said...

wow...I heard the shopping is fabulous... have fun on Friday....