Sunday, 10 April 2011

Here i am again, I have been so busy, getting things for the house, we are still at the Hotel.Hoping to move this weekend.
I never though I will say this .."Dubai is amazing" so much to see and do.Last Saturday we went to the Dubai Fountain, what a beautiful espectacle the dancing water is.
I can't remember if I told you all that I went to a knitting group,I had a great time, lots of ladies knitting all kind of things, and there was Jocelyn that sells the most beautiful hand dyed wools, her bussines is called "Dubai Knits" I couldn't resist and bought some, I am now knitting a shawl is one of Evelyn Clark designs ( Swallowtail Lace Shawl)you can find the pattern for free in Ravelry.I am also knitting a little jacket for Jack ( in pure alpaca wool) is what I do when Tim is here so I can talk to him this one does not required so much concentration.
And now the best part of it. Yesterday a friend took me to Satwa and Mina Bazaar the two places were the fabrics are sold, what a treat I was in heaven so many beautiful fabrics,I only bought a few,I am making some summer dresses for the girls, I found some very nice Yuwa fabrics,and we only visit a few shops,so you now were I will be most days when I am still here at the Hotel (lol)
I bought a charger so I will add some photos later on.
Must go I have some one coming to take me to buy some lectrical goods that we need.
Hugs to you all.