Friday, 28 May 2010

New Name Giveaway

Dawn has a new name for her blog "As Sweet as Cinnamon" and to celebrate there is a giveaway you have until the 7 of June to enter your name .

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

May Giveaway at Jenny of Elefantz

What a fantastic give away,it is Jennys, daughters birthday and to celebrate, she is having this incredible giveaway. do go and add your name , you never know it could be your lucky day.
Can you please leave my name if yo learned about it from me.
En el Blog the Jenny encontraras un fanastico "Giveaway" ve y pone tu nombre, si has sabido de esto por intermedio de mi blog, por favor pon mi nombre en tu comentario.

Monday, 17 May 2010


Just recently, I signed on for a Generosity Project over at Naomi's blog.
. Here is how it goes. For those who sign on, I will send you something crafty of my choice. I will have one year to get it to you. You in turn must agree to send a crafty something of your choice to whomever signs up with you on your blog. And you too will have one year in which to complete and send. I will take the first four (4) who would like to participate. Come on, let's play. ***To sign up for this, I ask that you have an active blog please***
Feel free to use the pic on your blog if you sign up....I snagged it from Naomi..

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mamen SAL

5th Objective finished.
It have really enjoy doing this SAL Mamen is a great teacher, I am looking forward to the next objectives.

All Done

I have been meaning to write since Monday ,i have not found the time, I seen to be busy doing nothing LOL just having fun, enjoying my last days in here, meeting new people that i doubt i will ever see again such shame, they are all very nice.
A few pictures of my "bargello sewing case" ,I had such fun stitiching this, that is probably why it only took me a few days.
I am also up to date with my SAL with Mamen, objective 5 done.
I can't wait to start the next stage on this pattern.
Now I will have to look for nothing new to do.What fun!!!

This is the front of my Bargello Sewing case

The Inside

The Back

The three pieces joined together.

My Finished Case

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Long Weekend and New Project

This was a really long weekend,my DH only went back to work yesterday.It was a fun weekend,we played Golf,ah let me tell you about it, I played night Golf for the first time ever, it is great fun.We had a couple of invitations one was a farewell party,sopmebody is always leaving, so we have plenty of those, and the other was to a BBQ on Sunday,the food and company was great.quiet Monday only golf and them home to do our crossword and enjoy each others company.

Now my new project this is something that I have wanted to do for a long time,bought every thing I need it for it when it first came out, are you ready for it 14 years ago,yes you read it right one four.I am a great believer in better late than never LOL

This is the front of this lovely sewing case!!

This is the Inside

and this is the back.
I am having a great time stitching this is very pretty.
If any of you girls out there want to join me in doing this just leave a message.