Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Back ( hope is for good)

I can't believe that I actually have the time to look and write on my blog, it feels so gooood!
I have been so busy,getting yet another house on the go is hard almost there, the best part about it is that I now have a big sewing room, not fully organize yet it should be in the next couple of weeks, when ready I will post pictures.
To be honest I never though I would say this but here it is Dubai is an amazing place, so much to see and do, some lovely fabric shops that have already been visit and given quite a helpful hand to increase my fabric stash (lol). I am so happy to say that now I belong to a Quilting Bee YES for the first time in my quilting life,I will be able to share my quilting passion with this lovely ladies,very talented all of them. We meet every Sunday at each others houses at least this is what will happen for the Summer time.
Next time we meet I will take pictures and share them with you all.
Right now I am in England for a few days will be back to Dubai next week, I have lots to catch up with,and I am dying to have a go in my new sewing machine I have had it since last October and I am yet to do some sewing in it.
I hope that from now on I will have the time to write and share with you whatever is happening in my life, and would also be able to be inspire by all the beautiful thing to be seen in your blogs , I have really miss you all.


Chookyblue...... said...

nice to hear from your and that your settled in in Dubai........looking forward to seeing some are your SAL projects going........

Sigena said...

Hola Laura, gracias por tu visita a mi blog y gracias por tus amables palabras. La bolsita de fieltro es de Cecile Franconie, el libro se llama "Cadeaux feutrés" y a mí me parece ua maravilla. Leo que vivies actualmente en Dubái... espero que seas muy feliz en ese país, con una cultura tan diferente! Besicos Susana