Friday, 30 April 2010

Up date on my Projects!!


Like I told you before I always have more than one thing on the go,I also told you that I eventually finish them,so here are the pictures of what I have finished and I am up to date wit my Neceser SAL , i have look for my pajaro loco work, it looks like I have left it home (UK)it is finished and I think i will use it for the lid on a box.I love boxes!!!Blue for a boy is finished,is lovely and soft!!

This is the third part (Objetivo 3) of my Neceser SAL not a very good picture, I am trying , I am sure one day I will get them better VG

Back to Africa

Here I am once again in Africa, with my DH, I have forgotten what a beautiful place this is,here are some pictures from our garden to give you an idea

This is the Path to our back door, we only use this one to be honest

This has very pretty lilac flowers!!

Look at size of the Bamboo!!
I love this place, some people will think I am mad, i can't go any where(for security reasons) there is no shops, no many wifes are here at one time , having said that to me is heaven , I play golf in the morning, very early as soon as the sun comes out so is not to hot,and them home to breakfast and my sewing room.
The sad thing is that my DH project is nearly finish , so we will be leaving in a couple of months, i really don't want to think about it, I am going to just really try and enjoy my last months here. We are going to London, I am sure it will be very nice, closer to home and our adore GD , lots of shops and maybe i will find a nice group of ladies to share my love for sewing.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Look at this Beautiful Scissors, if you love Scissors , like I do , you must visit Jennifer at her blog,for a chance of wining them on her give away

Monday, 19 April 2010

Australian Homespun "Give Thanks" SAL

I have just received my Homespun Magazine, and found that there is a free SAL, every Wednesday they give a stitchery design, and in week 24 they will provide the complete instructions to make them into a lap quilt.
The designer of this lovely project is Sam Mackenzie of Miss Mack.
You will also find lots of other free projects if you follow the link to
Homespun Magazine,go have a look and be inspire.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


We are so happy our son and his wife are expecting their first child, our third Grandchild. This time the happy parents wanted to know the sex of the baby so last week we found out that this time we are expecting a Grandson, we already have two adorable GD.This will be the first Lamb to be born in the last 32 years ( our son was the last).
So off I went to my friends shop and bought some blue wool and a beautiful pattern book from Rowan, and here I am knitting with great pleasure. I am terrible I can't never have only one thing on the go..... I do finish them all eventually.
The pictures were taking a couple of days ago , the little cardigan is almost finish now,I will post some more pictures when is done.



This is the other SAL I have joined.
I love Hardanger and I have not done any for ages so this is a nice way of getting back to it.
Mamen is the one that organized this SAL her instruccions are fantastic!!!
I did quite a bit , and them disaster...I cut the threads from the fabric, so back to square one , and guest what I am late again.(VG)


As Promise here is something about the two SAL groups I have joined,one of them is "Grupo Pajaro Loco" in here we are stitching a Blackbird design "Ti's the Season"
Mine is been stitched on 28 Glenshee natural linen over one thread, with the "Crescent Colours" silks use in the original design. Here are some pictures.

This is the linen and silk threads I am using.

This what I have some so far.

I have put a 20p coin so you can get and idea of the size.
I am behind with my work, it should have been finish last week!!! never mind it will be done this week, I did have to change one of the thread colors , the one suggested in the design did not show in the natural linen, so I am using white.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Home Again.

Here I am back in England after a long time away,probably the longest ever ,5months.
In this long months i had some great times , new experiences and some pretty scary times too.
I was able to meet one friend I made through this amazing world of blogging!!Odette from Odita Super Patch, we spend some wonderful time together in her home, were I was most welcome, and did some stitching together, this was probably most of the stitching I did in all the time I was away.
My DH came for a month and we had a wonderful holiday in the South of Chile, such a beautiful country. then the earthquake, it was quite something, i really thought that my time has come at least for the 2,30 min that it lasted!!I suposse we were the lucky ones in Santiago the devastation was not like in the south.
And now, home again, with a horrible dose of the flu that has keept me in for over a week feeling ill and incapable of doing any thing.I am on the mend now and ready to go, I can't wait to start "playing" with my threads and fabrics, I did order a few new things on the internet when away, and they are all here waiting for me to do something with them, and all my quilting and stitching magazines from Australia , there are so many things that I would love to make.I will post pictures of what ever i do make.
When away I did read some blogs and found a couple of SAl that I joined I will post photos of what I have done in the next few days.
I will go now, maybe some body will read my posting, and eventually other girls will come and visit my blog.
It is nice to be home with the things I love and time for myself!!!