Saturday, 19 September 2009

This is the inside of the bag .

Today I though I will show you a bag I did is one of RedBrolly designs the book isMillie's Flower Patch this is a lovely book, with quite a few designs all of them are very nice.

It was such fun to do, I did paint some of the faces and have stitchand painted one of the little bird in blue ( blue bird of happiness) I did mine reversible with 4 pockets on the inside with stitched butterflies on them.

I doubt that any body has miss me, I was away for a few days , my very good friend Fusun and I went to see one of her friends, we had a lovely time , talking eating and having fun in general, the last day there we went to a restaurant that it was nothing like I have ever seen before, it was in the open a hill with amazing views of the sea and very eclectic furniture, is a place to go and watch the sun set, the food is average, the atmosphere is really nice. I did not have my camera what a shame.


Joy said...

Laura I love your bag!!! Bronwyn Haye's patterns are so gorgeous aren't they?? I was lucky enough to meet her at a 'stitcher's day' that I went to recently and she's just lovely ;o).
Joy :o)

Terri said...

Oh yes you were missed!! I've been checking everyday the last few days! So glad you had some fun out with a friend.
And I do like that adorable bag!! I'll have to look for that pattern!