Monday, 21 September 2009

I have been busy doing nothing (lol) is a holiday in here today.
The weather is not bad, definitely not for swimming the sea looks grey and furious.
I have been having a horrid time with a site that pop's up every time I try to do anything in my computer is very frustrating.
I have finally work out that I can "visit" the girls that have become my followers.
I am not computer savi, just trial and error with I will be doing that today looking on their blogs.and leaving comments of course.


Terri said...

Ah!! There you are!!! I've been looking for you.....
I'm not great with a computer either....still can't believe I got talked into a blog!
What are you stitching now?

Helen said...

Gracias Laura, por tu comentario, ha sido una sorpresa ver un comentario proviniente del Reino Unido......espero que nos visitemos pronto, besos