Friday, 25 September 2009

Here I am again,have not had time to post busy doing some house work I must get the house ready for closing until next summer.
The weather is a little cooler and the sea is nice , no swimming for me for 2 days Dr's orders, I have a few stitches on my earlobe.
I am so angry at myself, I just thought that posting from here will be like posting from home maybe a couple more days that would be all "How wrong was I" 3 weeks my friend tells me longer if register post!!!! that will teach me not to assumed things in future ( if I can remember lol)I am so glad that my Hug swap Terry has been so understanding about this, I will not be home until the 10 of October, so I will not see my "swap" until them, I am looking forward to it.
Must go have some friends coming for dinner tonight so I have to go into the kitchen my favorite place after the sewing room.
Hope that you are all having a great day.

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Terri said...

Don't even think about the post thing! I'm not going anywhere that I know of!
I'm just hoping yours is there by long will you be home?