Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Jet Lag !!

No pictures, just my mumblings (bg)
Is terrible I have been back just over a week and I am still suffering with jet lag, 7 hours difference and I can't get over it, I am a wake in the middle of the night and half sleep the rest of the day, good job that our daughter and Gd are here with us or I would sleep all day, Does any body have any tips to help with this ...? please give them to me it is horrible, I can't believe that I am feeling like this, we do travel a lot and this is the first time that I have jet lag...

Done very little, some knitting and some applique not much to be honest. I really want to do some more but my lack of sleep doesn't help.
I am going to try to stay awake until late tonight so I am off the visit blogs.
Hope that you are having a great day wherever you are

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