Thursday, 29 March 2012

I am back!!

I wonder if any body miss me in blog land I doubt it (bg) never mind all the same I am back. I was on holidays for 6 weeks, to be honest a little to long,I did nothing other than visit friends, eat, drink and had a great time. I did miss my sewing room and toys, every time I go on holidays I take some sewing with me and never do any thing.
This time I went to a Dyeing workshop and bought some dyes I will let you know how they work when I try them. I also had the pleasure of meeting Debby Kemball in her home, what a beautiful work she does, her new book ( Booklet really)with new patterns is great can't wait to start some applique.
Its 5 in the morning I can't sleep the difference in time is really mess my up this time
I have only been back since Tuesday evening so I hope that by the time our Daughter and adore GD arrive on Monday to spend the Easter holidays with us I will be back to normal.
I am going to go and have some breakfast, my body clock really is mess up. I slept nearly all day yesterday couldn't help it felt sleep on the settee.i will post some pictures I have of some work I have finish on my next post.
It is great to be back I am going to spend the next few hours (my dear Husband is playing golf this morning)reading the blogs I follow and probably discovering new ones, what a treat to be able to see and read about the wonderful work other people do and share with us.
Bye for now


Chookyblue...... said...

nice to see your back..........have fun catching up on blogs.........always good for inspiration........

Dawn said...

I missed you! and nice to see you back..can't wait to see the dyeing your going to do... happy Holidays for easter with your family.
Hugs Dawn x x

M and M plus 3 said...

You did a dying workshop???? With fabric? I'd love to give that a try sometime.