Friday, 8 March 2013

Well here I am back into the wonderful world of blogging So much has happen since my last posting, I have been quite busy with sewing and other things, will show over the next few weeks what I have achieve while been away from my blog.
Some time ago I join a blog hop, for Nancy Drew, the time for it has arrive and I am in a panic, the fabric I order got lost in the Post, so I open a Shop and Ship account and kept my fingers cross that this time it will arrive , I had an email this morning telling me that it will be here this week, please God make on time for me to be able to make my project and join in the fun. Unfortunately not been able to have any post send to us is one of the things we have to put up with when been an expat.All I can do is have it send to our daughter in the UK and she brings when she comes to visit or I get when we go home for a visit, to be honest here in Dubai I get most thing, not the new fabric ranges, but we do get lots of lovely fabrics so I am complaining.
Now I will try and put the link to the blog hop.
It has already began, I have been on holidays and only got back a couple of days ago, so I have not had time to look at the projects made by other participants, I will do today, can't wait t see all the wonderful thing I am sure every body is done.
So bye for now, have a great Day were ever you are doing what you love to do.