Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Jack's romper Suit

I just realized that I only did the posting in Spanish, I was so excited that I had found how to use the keyboard in another language (lol)
Any way in a nut shell, finally home for sometime,I hope, it means that I can get on with my projects, the only thing I have done so far is some knitting, I find that easy when I am on the move.I have finished a romper suit for Jack it is quite and achievement, or at least that is what I think ( LOL), the pattern, was so bad ,or the lack of it, most of it wrong and nothing for the sleeves,good job that they had a picture of the finished romper, so by looking at it I made it up, really like the end is a picture, not a very good one, something else I have to work on (better pictures)

Jack's Romper Suit Front

Jack's Romper Suit Back

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