Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I have been busy... not doing what I am suppose to do LOL

I am going mad , or maybe I am mad, what was I think , left every thing for the last minute, the packers are coming tomorrow, that is fine the problem is: we are supposse to do a detail list of every thing we are sending back is a real pain :)with prices....
I will put some pictures tomorrow, of what I have been doing, I finished a Quilt with Nigerian fabrics,done some embroidery for the SAL A Gardeners Journal and started a mini qulit 6 blogs so far, this is a project from Lori's blog I love the pattern, so like a child I have been playing rather than working lol.
Only one week and we will be in our way home,I am ready now, I will be sad .I have had some lovely times in here, met some nice people, but ... every thing comes to and end, and this is it for us.
Don't know for certain were the next project will be,for me it means that I will probably stay longer in Turkey and once the summer is over it will be home to England,Tim will spend a few months more in here.
It is late just notice the time, so of to bed I go, tomorrow I will share the pictures
Good night

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