Monday, 17 May 2010


Just recently, I signed on for a Generosity Project over at Naomi's blog.
. Here is how it goes. For those who sign on, I will send you something crafty of my choice. I will have one year to get it to you. You in turn must agree to send a crafty something of your choice to whomever signs up with you on your blog. And you too will have one year in which to complete and send. I will take the first four (4) who would like to participate. Come on, let's play. ***To sign up for this, I ask that you have an active blog please***
Feel free to use the pic on your blog if you sign up....I snagged it from Naomi..


Marisol said...

laura me puedes decir de que se trata ya que con el traductor no entiendo mucho gracias

Laura said...

Por supuesto marisol, te enviare un email.