Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Here I am once again. I have surely miss my blog and "friends" from the blog world.
came back from Canada yesterday evening, the wedding was beautiful , the weather not. Not that it matter to the happy couple. our Daughter-in-law and son made a handsome couple.will share some photos later on.
Will also show you my beautiful, Mug Hug from Terry.
I have not done any sewing whatsoever, did manage to go a quilt shop in Detroit, it was a little disappointing, not many gadgets there and not very friendly people. I still did manage to buy a few things.Lets hope that I can do some sewing in the few days i will be home I am off again on Thursday.
our baggage did not arrive with us so my few quilting related items are not here yet, to be honest I don't remember what I bought lol.What I do remember is that I have lots of magazines, so I am looking forward to look through them.
i have been downloading the lovely design from "among the gum trees" can't wait to do them.


Sharlotte said...

Glad the wedding went well! What is it abou the weather at weddings? We planned a nice outdoor wedding at the lake when it rained like cats and dogs! WE ended up having to move the wedding to the reception hall ,which was a rented community room at the hospital. Not nearly as nice of a day as we planned on but we were so happy to be husband and wife it didn't really matter. My sisters first wedding there was an earthquake and her second wedding 26 years later, there were 13 tonadoes that week! I think someone's trying to tell her something! LOL! I'm sorry that your quilt shop trip wasn't what you hoped it would be. Most shops are so friendly that when you find one that's not, it takes you aback! Well, you did say Detroit though! I've never flown, it's one of my fears, but have heard many stories of those that have to wait for luggage to arrive via an airport delivery truck. It's funny that you can't remember what you bought. You sound like me!

Odette said...

Hola amiga!!!! que bueno que disfrutaras de la boda de tu hijo aunque el tiempo no les halla favorecido mucho, y lamento que tengas que pasar esos malos ratos comprando te quitan el buen gusto de gozar de tus compritas, en fin que no hallo las horas de conversar nuevamente contigo para que me cuentes tooooooodooo con lujo de detalles, jajaja, ademas que te he extrañado montones.....necesito de mi partner...asi que cuando llegues a casa y descanses un ratito me llamas ok?...
Te dejo miles de abrazos amiga.