Saturday, 29 August 2009

The girls left yesterday , the house is so quiet,I spoke to them this morning and they are all happy to be home.

To keep me busy yesterday after I took them to the airport I went shopping,what a great time I had bought some lovely bits and pieces all toys for myself (LOL).

Some fabrics,there is not Quilting shops in here so all one can do is look for nice pure cotton fabrics, they do make up for the lack of fabrics with beautiful threads, silks, beads and the buttons!! fell in love with some mother of pearl ones, the only problem was that I did have to buy them all, (VG) I will have to find something to do with them, any suggestion will be most welcome.

Se acabaron las vacaciones para mi hija y nietas, regresaron ayer a Inglaterra,a mi aun me quedan 6 semanas aqui.
Ayer luego de ir a dejarlas , para pasar la pena me fui de compras.
Aqui no hay tiendas de quilting,asi que lo que se encuentra en telas es limitado, en cambio hilos, cintas, botones hay muchos y lindos, me enamore de unos de nacar, el problema fue que o los compraba todos o nada , los compre !!!! ahora a pensar que hago con ellos.

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Odette said...

Ahora si puedo apreciar más los colores de las telas y de todo lo que me hablabas ayer.... estan buenisimas tus compras amiga.
Que tengas un productivo fin de semana.
Cariños Odette